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Railpage Australia™

Announcements and notices regarding the site as a whole, and the forums specifically. If you have any questions on the site, or a bug to report, post it here.

Last post by Transtopic in RP 3.10 Bugs and Feedback on June 19th

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Help For Beginners

If you're new to the site, we encourage you to read the Announcements and Stickies in this forum before posting anything. Feel free to post any questions you may have about the site!

Last post by Graham4405 in Not Eligible for Railpage Radar on December 6th 2020

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Discussions for lineside locations.

Last post by Griffinrails Official in Oxley Avenue Carpark, Janalli NSW on March 27th

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Discussions for news articles. To create a new topic, please click the "Discuss this news article" link within the article itself.

Last post by Lockspike in Grant awarded for new Castlemaine-Maryborough rail trail on July 5th

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New South Wales

Discussions on New South Wales railways and the associated news and events. Includes Regional NSW Trainlink train services, as well as overlap with Canberra (ACT) threads.

Last post by alleve in July 22 NSW floods again today at 1:04am

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Sydney Suburban

Discussions about the Sydney Trains rollingstock and infrastructure, as well as NSW Trainlink electric train services.

Last post by Totoro in Sydney Trains and NSW Trainlink going on strike! (September 2021) today at 7:35am

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News in Victoria. Includes country and metropolitan services. Discussions for Melbourne suburban passenger services (Metro) should be posted in the Melbourne Suburban forum.

Last post by The Vinelander in Melbourne sinks to 8th in list of most liveable cities today at 6:45am

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Melbourne suburban

Discussions relating to the Melbourne Suburban Rail/Tram Network contained in Myki Zones 1 and 2.

Last post by justarider in Suburban Rail Loop (Election promise) on July 5th

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Queensland News and events, discussions and gossip. Includes QR and PN Queensland.

Last post by Sulla1 in Facelifts planned for Cairns and Townville stations on July 4th

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South Australia

Discussions based on railways and concepts based in South Australia.

Last post by bingley hall in Should the Adelaide Hills get a rail line? on July 5th

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Railways in Tasmania. News events and discussions

Last post by TassieDave in Wagons in Paddocks (and other places) on June 22nd

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Western Australia

West Australian discussion board

Last post by Lockspike in Fast Train to Bunbury on July 5th

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Northern Territory project, news, events and discussions

Last post by RTT_Rules in Ranger uranium mine on June 19th

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Discussions, happenings and news from around the ACT

Last post by freightgate in Fyshwick recyclables terminal get green light on July 1st

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Discussions on the various government, private and heritage operators who run on the networks.

Last post by GoldenGirl in The Once and Future Pacific Electric on June 12th

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Locomotives and Rolling Stock

Discussions on Locomotives and associated rolling stock

Last post by speedemon08 in Locomotive A70 on June 28th

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Signalling and Infrastructure

Discussions on Signalling and signal systems. This forum has also been expanded to cover railway infrastructure projects

Last post by SinickleBird in Australia’s new rail safety reporting scheme on July 4th

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A forum on traffic sightings from around the country updated in real time

Last post by Michelle12 in Bunbury Street Sightings - Photo Thread on July 1st

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General Railway Discussions that don't fit into any of the above areas of interest

Last post by BrentonGolding in Rail Freight Costs in Australia on July 4th

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Australian Rail Employment

For all your enquiries about employment in the rail industry. Note that this is NOT for advertising of positions!

Last post by jcsaws63 in Sleep apnea on June 14th

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Trams and Light Rail

A discussion forum for tram and light rail news and information.

Last post by route14 in New procedure along Collins St.? on June 30th

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MSTS General Discussions

A forum for the open and free discussions on Microsoft Train Simulator, its add-ons and features. Support board to train simular add-ons at Railpage Australia™.

Last post by cityrail-rulez in How to create a batch .bat file or use Command Prompt to run MSTS? on May 6th

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MSTS Routes

MSTS Route discussions and Information. Place all messages regarding the building and scoping of routes for MSTS in here.

Last post by bevans in MSTS Patna-Calcutta-Puri Route on March 11th 2021

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MSTS 3D design. Place all messages regarding the design and construction of 3D models for MSTS in here.

Last post by cityrail-rulez in Gmax registration no longer supported - Turbosquid on May 4th

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Trainz General Discussions

A forum for Australian discussions on Auran Trainz / UTC / TRS2004 & Paint Shed. Auran Trainz main webiste:

Last post by cityrail-rulez in Davido's V sets? on March 30th

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MetroMSTS Projects

In light of our recent project - the Metro Modern Fleet - Siemens and X'Trapolis Project 2013, and upcoming Lilydale/Belgrave via City Loop route to commence production in March 2013, our team has decided to start a new MSTS Forum

Last post by Aaron in Just stopping by on January 1st 2020

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MS Train Simulator X

Discussions on the new Microsoft Trainsimulator X. Following the successful release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, the Aces Studio is using the same technology to develop a new version of Microsoft Train Simulator. Unrelated to our previous Train Simulator development efforts, this version will be an all-new product built on the Flight Simulator X platform, the culmination of 25 years of product development and technology.

Last post by superheatedsteam in What is Railroad X on June 11th 2014

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Open Rails

Our goal is to enhance the railroad simulation hobby through a community designed and supported platform built to serve as a lasting foundation for an accurate and immersive simulation experience. By making the source code of the platform accessible to community members, we ensure that Open Rails will continually evolve to meet the technical, operational, graphical, and content building needs of the community. Open architecture ensures that our often considerable investment in building accurate representations of routes and rolling stock will not become obsolete due to 'economic realities'.

Last post by cityrail-rulez in How do I fix the camera in Openrails? on April 10th

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BVE Trainsim

BVE Trainsim (originally Boso View Express) is a Japanese three-dimensional computer-based train simulator. It is notable for focusing on providing an accurate driving experience as viewed from inside the cab, rather than creating a network of other trains —other trains passed along the route are only displayed as stationary objects. BVE Trainsim was developed by Takashi "Mackoy" Kojima starting in 1996, with the original program name coming from the Japanese 255 series multiple unit trains found in routes in Japan. Although the internal working of the BVE Trainsim program itself cannot be modified, additional routes and train cab views can be added via a number of text-based configuration files. Route builders have produced over 300 additional routes for the program, along with matching cab environments. Routes built by independent developers simulate rail activity in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe.

Last post by WOB in OpenBve Nuclear Train on September 26th 2015

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Train Simulator

Forum for discussing Train Simulator under the steam gaming network. RailWorks, later simply Train Simulator, is a train simulation game developed by Dovetail Games, formerly known as It is the official successor to Rail Simulator, and was released online on 12 June 2009 and in stores on 3 July 2009

Last post by sonzmell in Need help with missing folder on January 22nd

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Model Railways - General Discussions

A forum for discussion on model railways of any type including layouts and rolling stock

Last post by yogibarnes in Eureka HUB cars on July 5th

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Australian Miniature Railways

A forum for discussing the construction of steam, petrol electric and battery electric locomotives as well as comments etc on the current miniature railways around at the moment. Also includes rollingstock construction.

Last post by dthead in Is this forum still active on April 17th

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Gheringhap Loop

A discussion List for Graeme's Gheringhap Loop Sightings Group. Can be found at

Last post by freightgate in Gheringhap Sightings w/e 2/7/2022 on July 3rd

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Railway Archaeology

Railway Archaeology: Discussions in relation to closed railways and physical remains of buildings and structures.

Last post by kitchgp in Ticket Yarra Junction- Warburton Line on June 13th

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Railway Photography

Discussion about photography of railways (and trams). Including discussion on films, cameras, and other equipement.

Last post by AC4000 in Queensland Videos on May 7th

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Radio and Scanning Discussions

This forum covers all conversation regarding radio and radio use together with the use of Radio scanning and internet based radio broadcasts. Relevant due to the number of people scanning railway frequencies.

Last post by Galron in Scanner on June 23rd

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The Railway Technical Society of Australasia (RTSA) is a Technical Society of Engineering Australia and a Technical Group of Engineering New Zealand formed to further the interests of the railway industry at large and its individual participants.

Last post by NSWGR8022 in Submit your nomination for the CORE 2021 Young Professional Scholarship before 1st March 2021! on February 23rd 2021

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Other Transport

Discussion about transport other than railways and tramways. This can include but is not limited to Bus, Aircraft and Boat/Ferry transport.

Last post by Lockspike in Electric Vehicles (EV) Discussions on July 5th

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The Bogies

Home of the Railpage Awards.

Last post by NSWGR8022 in What about a bogies cup feature on April 1st 2016

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Preservation and Tourist Railways

Discussions specific to preservation groups and tourist railways within Australia.

Last post by Bevan Wall in 3642 - Moss Vale tour - July 1992 on July 5th

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International Discussion

Discussion of railway news and events outside Australia.

Last post by justarider in Why was the Heathrow Express line built? on July 4th

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The Lounge

The Lounge is a general forum for discussions not related to any particular area of interest. It is a place for general discussions about life, the universe and everything.

Last post by The Vinelander in Renewable energy thread 2022 today at 6:26am

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Test Forum

This is just a test forum. Auto-pruning set to 21 days (3 weeks).

Last post by Sonofagunzel in Test on May 31st

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Armchair Operators

A place where you can set up your own operator from the comfort of your armchair!

Last post by bevans in Fictional Future Victorian Rail Map on April 28th

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The Political Soapbox

This forum is sure to cause some interesting comments and posts.

Last post by michaelgm in The Aussie political economy II today at 6:18am

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Archived Threads

Threads from old forums which have been closed due to inactivity.

Last post by freightgate in New Policy: Posting of Special Train timetables on September 28th 2014

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